America’s Great Outdoors

What is the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative?

On April 16, 2010, President Obama launched the America’s Great Outdoors (AGO) Initiative as a way to create a national dialogue about conservation in America. The premise of this initiative is that conservation efforts should be made by the American people in a bottom up approach rather than the typical top-down policies created by Congress.  Instead of dictating policies, this initiative turns to communities for local, grassroots conservation initiatives. Although many ideas came together to form the AGO initiatives, one of the overarching themes is to offer opportunities to engage young people with the outdoors.  To learn more about the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative check out

America’s Great Outdoors and Environment for the Americas

With support from the AGO grant, Environment for the Americas is collaborating with the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management on Celebra las Playeras (Celebrate Shorebirds), a comprehensive approach to engaging Latinos in natural resource careers and conservation action through internships at five sites. EFTA will recruit 8 Latino interns (ages 18-25) from colleges and local communities, especially youth who live near research sites to help create long term relationships between agencies and nearby Latino communities, serve as role models, and increase awareness of conservation issues and careers in conservation. One intern will serve as liason to recruit other interns, promote education, and track participant field experience.  A second will work with USFS NatureWatch to develop online program materials and encourage awareness and future participation. The remaining interns will engage in field research, training, community education, and data collection at sites in California, Colorado, and Alaska to monitor migratory shorebird populations.

To see internship opportunities check check out our website!

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