We are very excited to present our site in the Chugach National Forest in ALASKA! This will be our first time having an intern working here and it is sure to be a great experience at this beautiful location.

Because of its size and diversity the Chugach National Forest is divided into three ranger districts: Glacier, Seward, and Cordova. Our intern will be working in the Cordova Ranger District which is a commercial fishing community located 145 miles east of Anchorage.  The District covers approximately 2.3 million acres nestled between the Copper River Delta and the southeastern end of Prince William Sound. Cordova is also home to river rafting, fishing, hiking, sightseeing, camping, hunting, and exploring.

Wildlife viewing is exceptional and includes bears, moose, caribou, Dall sheep and goats, eagles and lots of birds. The abundance wildlife is celebrated in the Cordova Ranger District during the Shorebird Festival and Copper River Wild Salmon Festival. In May, Cordova hosts the annual Shorebird Festival when up to fourteen million shorebirds migrate to Alaska from Central and South America! This festival is ideal for bird watching but also has many other fun activities, workshops, and community events. June brings the Copper River Wild Salmon Festival, which brings to town great food, bluegrass music, and the Alaska Salmon Run, a full marathon attended by runners from around the world.

At this site our intern will be helping to track and identify shorebirds as well as educate the local communities in both English and Spanish, about these shorebirds. This will be an exciting opportunity for our intern to live in beautiful Alaska and help promote bird conservation in a location so crucial to migrating bird populations. Check back soon and find out who our intern will be and find out more about our other sites!

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Arriving in Cordova, Alaska! | Environment for the Americas · March 15, 2013 at 2:12 pm

[…] began my work with Chugach National Forest in the Cordova Ranger District. I have been working out of the office, getting to know people and […]

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