The Blanca Wetlands host waterfowl and shorebirds by the thousands during nesting and migration periods. I was amazed to find out that over 150 different species of birds visit the Blanca Wetlands. Some of the most commonly seen bird on the wetlands include: pintail and mallard ducks, teal, Canada geese, phalaropes, sandpipers, avocets, white-faced ibis and yellow-headed black birds. This week I spent a large majority of my time familiarizing myself with the all of these birds of the Blanca Wetlands.

I really enjoy birding, but sadly the San Luis Valley is extremely cold and windy this time of year so I have not been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time outside. I decided that although I cannot go birding at this time I can still look up resources to help me enhance my birding skills.  A great website that I found extremely helpful in identifying different shorebirds was provided by  At the bottom of the page is a direct link to the Powerpoint presentation provided on their website for anyone interested.

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