This weekend I went birding with my family at Bolinas Lagoon, a 1,100 acre coastal preserve in West Marin County, California. Millions of shorebirds and other waterfowl visit its pristine marshes and mudflats each year. Bolinas Lagoon is an important stopover point for birds migrating along the Pacific Flyway.

This was a great opportunity for me to practice bird identification skills and to share with my family what I have learned. Bird watching was not an activity my family was very familiar with until I started my outreach internship with EFTA last spring. During this internship I learned about bird conservation and attended bird walks along with the education and outreach I was doing. I have been able to share what I have learned and the importance of bird conservation with my family. I enjoyed seeing my younger sisters excited about looking through the binoculars and the bird guide to identifying the different birds based on their physical characteristics and behaviors. Some birds we saw were Marbled Godwits, White-winged Scoters, Buffleheads, Great Blue Herons, Snowy Egret, Great Egret and many more. It is great to see my family involved and interested in the work I am doing. I hope engaging experiences like these will spark an interest for the outdoors to my younger sisters as wells as others through educational programs I will be participating in during my internship.

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