I arrived in Cordova, Alaska last week. This is my first time traveling outside of California and I am amazed of the natural beauty that surrounds me with the Chugach National Forest and the Copper River Delta. Wildlife watching has been incredible out here. I have seen bald eagles, trumpeter swans, dusky canada goose, moose and other birds and wildlife. I look forward to do some hiking and explore this natural area and its wildlife. It is still winter here and I got to see snow falling, something I had never seen before and it was an incredible experience.

I began my work with Chugach National Forest in the Cordova Ranger District. I have been working out of the office, getting to know people and familiarizing myself with things around here. I have been doing some trainings in preparation for my fieldwork. I will continue to familiarize myself with local birds of this area. I am excited to begin my education and outreach to the diverse community of Cordova.

My goals during my internship are to promote the recreational opportunities the Forest Service has to offer and promote the importance of bird conservation to the Spanish speaking community in Cordova. This is especially important  because this area is crucial for migrating shorebird populations. In addition, I am looking forward to gaining experience in conducting shorebird surveys and other wildlife fieldwork during the summer.

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