My experience this past week has been different from the rest of my fellow colleagues. On Tuesday instead of doing field work or bird surveys I was introduced to the US Forest Service staff in Arlington, Virginia. Instead of seeing bald eagles and shorebirds as my friends have – I was given my first cubicle. I feel like having a window poster with some birds in it would make me feel better. Even though my tasks are different from the other interns- we all are working together aiming for the same goals. I am settling in my office, seeing how things work around here, and getting lots of ideas on how to work with the community and the media to promote bird conservation and IMBD. Everyone has been very welcoming and I know it will be a very fun and challenging experience!


This is a picture of my new boss Smokey Bear outside The Information Center located in the historical Yates Federal Building that houses the USDA Forest Service Headquarters. Smokey is the official fire prevention symbol of the nation.

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