This week, Hugo and I got to see what it takes to put a bird monitoring program together. I attended a snowy plover meeting held in Monterey, and learned just how much works goes into  protecting Snowy Plovers from harm during the breeding season. Some items up for discussion was how to put up some fencing that people would notice and getting a monitoring group to catch and remove preators like ravens and racoons away from their nests. Its great to see people working together to achieve their recovery goals for the snowy plovers.

We also managed to get together and draw out our plans for upcoming presentations that we are doing for a few high school groups in the Salinas school district. We spent some time at our site at Elkhorn Slough doing an all day event with local teachers at a teacher training event. The event gives teachers an opportunity to see the slough before bringing their students here on a field trip. I gained a lot of knowledge about the slough during the training, and even got some hands on experience in the teaching labs.  During the day we went out on the trails and collected some water samples that later on we looked at under a microscope. I hope to get some more lab time in, and get out on the trails more as well, as I see that I can still learn something new each time I get out at the slough.Image

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