Training week was by far one of the most rewarding experiences I have had so far. First, because it was my first time traveling to California and second, because I learned a lot about bird conservation, a subject I knew little of. I am a political science major and at first I felt a little out of place with the rest of the interns because the majority of them are studying or have studied environmental studies. That feeling faded away quickly when I started to know my colleagues a little better, especially because everyone was super friendly and at some point we could relate to one another because of our hispanic background.

Us girls would have a good time talking before going to bed and by getting to know the girls better, I started to feel more inspired because each and everyone of them had a passion for what we are doing now so therefore I felt the need to step it up and learn more about this subject that is completely new to me. EFTA staff did an amazing job providing us the information to get us started and I want to thank them once again for allowing us to be part of this very important opportunity. Monterrey was beautiful and I hope to return again some day.

I am looking forward to start working at the US Forest Service headquarters in the greater Washington DC area and specially to reach out to the latino community! I will keep you all posted with my work.

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