Copper River Delta

Copper River Delta

Although we are all witnessing signs of spring, shorebirds have not yet arrived to the Copper River Delta here in Cordova, Alaska. Therefore I have not yet started my shorebird surveys here. The Copper River Delta is a stopover site for millions of shorebirds who will be visiting later in May where they will rest and refuel to continue their migration further north. In the meantime, I am working on other exciting projects with the US Forest Service in the Cordova Ranger District.

I am working with another intern on a distance learning program from the USDA Forest Service and Prince William Network. The program is WetlandsLive: A Distance learning Adventure and it provides a year-long emphasis on wetlands featuring a series of free live webcasts. Wetlands around the world will be used to show the functions and ecology of wetlands and their importance to people and wildlife, especially to migrating birds and fish. WetlandsLIVE is the sixth in a series of Forest Service-partner distance learning adventures.  The goal of WetlandsLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure is to connect youth and educators to wetlands to engage in learning activities that inspire hands-on stewardship action and meet national science education standards.

We are working on the next webcast called Discover Wetlands which will be aired May 9, 2013 from the Chugach National Forest in Cordova, Alaska. We are working with kids in our local elementary school who will be part of this webcast. They will be learning about what makes a healthy wetland habitat and its importance to migratory species like shorebirds and salmon. They will then share their expertise with kids across the nation through this webcast. We are also working on a Spanish language version of the Discover Wetlands webcast. We are in the process of developing Spanish lesson plans for the Spanish speaking students we will be working with. I have a lot of work ahead of me but I am excited to be part of this distance learning program.

To learn more about WetlandsLive visit their homepage:



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