We start our surveying this week! I am extremely excited to say the least. We have had many complications trying to find a PRBO protocol that works for a site like the Blanca Wetlands. This is due to the fact it is structured around shorebirds on the coast, rather than shorebirds found in the wetlands in a landlocked state, but we figured it out just in time.

Unfortunately, I’m probably going to freeze out in the field because here in the San Luis Valley this time of the year is windy and very cold. I find it funny that the shorebirds fly from the warm coastal regions to our freezing cold Blanca Wetlands.

I went out to the field this last weekend to drive the surveying route. On my way to the wetlands the weather was great, but on my way home I was driving in a dust storm! I have lived here my entire life and I am still always surprised as to how fast the weather here in the San Luis Valley changes.







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