This past week was pretty busy over at the Forest Service Washington office, we accomplished a lot of what we had in our agenda. Following up with my International Migratory Bird Day committee meeting, I was able to request Woodsy The Owl mascot to make an appearance at the FS Table for our IMBD Festival. I also had the pleasure to meet the president and founder of Eventos VIP PASS, a major and influential Latino media outlet. This organization will help us promote our IMBD Festival to the DC, Virginia and Maryland area by publishing our flyer in their monthly magazine, website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and all other social media sites. In addition to all of that, this organization has a partnership with El Tiempo Latino, the biggest Latino newspaper in our area, and I was able to get the contact information with the hopes of reaching out to them asking for their support.

Our webinar was a success, and despite of some technical difficulties we managed to have a big audience. It was very informative, specially for the folks that are going to have an IMBD event of their own. We also included some information about Latino outreach and how important it is for everyone to reach out to diversities in the community. Immediately after that, we headed out to the Immigration Rally to hand out flyers and start spreading out the word about our festival. It was a very hot day, one of the first this year, but it was definitely worth going because it was a very family oriented rally, there where a lot of families with their children and that was exactly our targeted audience.

Friday afternoon are our designated meeting day for the IMBD Committee, we sit down and discuss logistical stuff about the festival and I was happy to know that one of the bands I had suggest got hired to perform. I have been working with Maria and Lucila, the two interns that work for the Smithsonian Bird Conservation Center, and I admire all their hard work and dedication they are putting in to promote this festival. Hopefully, with the advertisement of our festival in new Latino media outlets we can engage more diversity to attend and participate in all the fun activities we have planed. ImageImageImage

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