Cordova Ranger District Orientation

Forest Service Volunteers and Employees

Forest Service Volunteers and Employees

I can not believe I have been in Cordova for two and a half months already. I have been involved in community education and outreach, owl surveys, shorebird surveys which was one of my main projects here and other wildlife projects. In the Cordova Ranger District we have seasonal employees and volunteers during the summer and fall season. Jillian, my colleague and I have been here for some time already. As field work season approaches, the seasonal employees and volunteers have been arriving to Cordova. It has been great to meet many new people I will be working with this summer. Some of these people will be working in the Wildlife Shop which I am part of, the Trail Crew who does trail maintenance on Forest Service land and the Fisheries Shop.

This week we have been attending new employee orientation at the Forest Service office. All employees and volunteers attend this orientation where we have had the opportunity to get to meet and interact with staff we don’t see everyday and with volunteers on the Trails and Fisheries departments. An important and overarching topic during this orientation is Safety.  This summer we will be doing a lot of fieldwork in the Copper River Delta and other places in the Chugach. We will be working in a beautiful natural area but we also need to be prepared for situations we may encounter while in the field. Among many topics covered have been Bear and Moose Safety, Boat Passenger training, Paddle boat training and Survival Suit and Float Coat training. We also had a potluck by Eyak Lake during the week.
After a long week of rainy and windy weather, this week we have had some warmer sunny days. I am also seeing the days get  longer, it is something completely new for me. So I have been enjoying this weather by taking hikes after work. We have also gone on walks to the harbor at 10:00pm to see the sunset. Finally he snow that covered many of the trails has been melting away and I have been able to explore farther up some trails that were not as accessible before.
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