Our IMBD Festival is only days away and our work for these days will focus on canvasing in different parts of DC and Virginia. We will be distributing flyers to different Latino restaurants, super markets, churches and community centers. This past week the interns from the Smithsonian Bird Conservation Center and I have been coordinating on effective ways to do our outreach. After doing our research on organizations and places to contact on previous weeks, it was finally time to start hitting the streets. We found that a lot of people where really receptive and willing to help us by allowing us to put up our flyers in the doors or window displays.

My two favorite places we had the chance to visit were The Latino Youth Center and CentroNia. These two organizations are located in Washington DC and turned out to be a gold mine for us, because they do tremendous work with diversity youth and families. I was pleased to know that the Latino Youth center is collaborating with us by doing some canvasing and also participating in our festival by creating a mural by the youth art team. These children are very talented, while visiting their offices I had the opportunity to appreciate their artwork and I found it very inspiring. In the mean time we will continue working on getting the word out by visiting new areas in Virginia, specially targeting community centers and schools.



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