The Blanca wetlands is an amazing place that is beautiful and some what prehistoric. I know this from working on the site for the third year now, being a bio-tech and rummaging through the ponds I have seen what lies beneath the water. Working for the Environment of the Americas, it will be nice to take a closer look at what lies on top of the water.

I have a good coworker and friend this year out in the field and the enjoyment we get out of are work is what makes it worth getting up in the mornings and going out there and doing it. We have already completed a few surveys out on the wetlands and the amount of shore birds that we have seen has thus far been a site to see and it has been a challenge to spot peeps that hide in tall grass, well not tall grass just tall in comparison to a peep. I have good feelings about this year and about the data that we will collect whilst on a survey.

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