Last week I had the opportunity to visit a different part of Alaska. The wildlife crew in the Cordova Ranger District took part in a project in collaboration with the USFS and the American Hiking Society to work on invasive plant control. This project took place in the Glacier Ranger District of the Chugach National Forest, across Prince William Sound. We took a ferry and a train to get to the other side of the Chugach. Cordova is only accessible by boat or plane making it difficult to travel to other places.  So it was amazing to get an opportunity to explore these new areas outside of Cordova.

This project allowed us to explore incredible natural areas in the Glacier Ranger District of the Chugach. These natural areas are home to many native plants and wildlife. Invasive weeds have become an issue and what we did that week was pulling weeds along Forest Service trails. This is important because it will help prevent the further expansion of these weeds that outcompete native plants.

I really enjoyed this project. We had very warm weather- in the high 70‘s. The warmest I have experienced in Alaska! We hiked many breathtaking trails to get to our work sites. We camped all week in several locations near our work areas, in Spencer Glacier, Tenderfoot Campground and Portage Valley. Some highlights of this trip were seeing two black bears and a moose, riding a train, camping in front of Spencer Glacier, and seeing many native plants blooming.


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