My first assignment the second day of my internship with EFTA was an outreach activity at the Art Gallery of Pepco Holdings in Washington, DC. This joint initiative by the electricity distribution company, federal agencies and NGOs was an opportunity to launch the IMBD Web Gallery and art competition. Elementary level children where invited to the activity for an opportunity to learn about the competition, how they could participate and interact with adults that work in the field of conservation and technology.

Four stations were set up with information materials, activities and other “goodys”. I was representing EFTA in one of the booths offering the kids migratory birds informational material, stickers, bookmarks and temporary tattoos (they loved those). My goal was to talk a little about birds, migration, their life cycle and other curious facts about bird behavior and beautiful colors and patterns. Meanwhile, they were enjoying themselves by creating their very own bird mask! They all had creative designs and color combinations for their “birds”.

Special thanks to Sandy Kratville from the Forest Service WFWARP Staff who helped me lots with the kids. Thanks to Jane Knowlton for her contribution. We had a blast and the kids did too!

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