This last week Anjelica and I got started with are new protocol for macroinvertebrates, this proved to be tricky at first and now it is under way. For three years now I have been working on macros for Jill Lucero and Sue Miller who are two of the most awesome people to work with. Jill and Sue have an eminent amount of knowledge and know how to use it, which makes looking for what we need out on the wetlands easy. The whole reason for looking for macros is to find the bio-mass in the entire pond to see if there is enough bugs to keep the migrating birds coming back.  This makes it a very important part of the whole system, but with this new protocol we are trying to discern which side of the ponds are more rich with macros and if they are rich with macros with more protein in them.

Anjelica and I used to gather up bugs all around the pond at 8 different GPS points and lump all the samples together for bio-mass. This this new protocol, we now have to now collect and clean and bottle all the samples at each individual spot along with water quality at each of the 8 spots. Next we GPS each spot so when we send all the samples out to the bug lab in Utah they will be able to tell us in each spot what kind of bugs we are finding and how many. From that we can predict which side of the pond is more rich, when we need to apply fresh water for bugs to grow, or if we need to let the water become stagnant to allow certain bugs to grow. In a nutshell are efforts go towards the migrating birds that utilize these ponds.


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