As the summer approaches we are trying to present to as many classes before the schools rap up the year.  Stephanie and I had the opportunity to present to one of our largest school audiences. Last week we presented to approximately 120 AVID Students. Advance Via Individual Learning (AVID) is a college readiness program that strives to prepares students for higher education. The El Sausal Middle School teacher Ms. Zavila allowed us to give a presentation to every one of her classes.

This was a great experience for us interns because we had the position of a teacher for a full day. We gave a 20-minute presentation regarding bird migration, bird identification, negative human impacts, ways to help, and the different science career opportunities. The presentation was followed by a migration activity that teaches the students about the natural and human caused challenges that birds must endure. Every one of the four classes that we had was interesting and full of energy. The students had great questions throughout the presentation and also provided great comments that will help us prepare better for future presentations. All the students were very excited about doing the different scenarios in the activity and many would get out of their seats with enthusiasm. It was very interesting to see every class come up with different interpretations of the assigned activity. You can check out this activity and do it yourself at the EFTA website.

Overall, we were glad to present to such a large audience. Most of the students did not know much about birds besides that they fly and they make noise. We were happy to plant the seed for possible future scientists, birders, or at least a greater knowledge regarding birds!! I was very thrilled to be presenting to students that were my color, spoke my language, and probably had the same experiences that I had when I was a kid.  I hope that I can be a positive role model for these future stewards of our environment.

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