Last week Anjelica and I were driving around the wetlands getting discouraged about the birds being harder to find due to the fact that they are now nesting. We then got the call that the surveys for Spring migration were over. Now that our shorebird surveys are over it makes things a littles easier for us because we start our macroinvertebrate surveys and water quality sampling at Blanca Wetlands. These macro. surveys will definitly change our speed a little bit since we will now get to play with bugs and dig in the mud.

With the word to get new things started, we are getting all our survey papers together for logging and are running around the office looking for all the supplies we need to do macros. Making sure our supplies are all together is really important because it is a pain in the butt if something is forgotten. That is because if we forget something that means it is a 45 minute drive just to get to the office to pick up one little thing that we happened to forget. Remembering everything we need is very important to save time for what we need to get done that day.

The summer is warming up fast with less wind, the wetlands are getting hot and the deer fly are starting to come out. Believe it or not, this is one part that makes our job fun because we get to run through a gauntlet of biting bird food to reach our objective. This makes for a lot of laughs in the field and a fun light hearted day.

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