Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area is a hotspot for summer vacation, with a bout 500 visitors a day. At first, I couldn’t believe this but it is true!

Today, I started my summer bilingual interpretation which was great. I roved from tide pools to lighthouse deck to Cobble beach deck and got a total of 179 people! There were hispanics families that came to the site, so I was very excited! It was also the first day that lighthouse tours were being offered, so the site was filled everywhere you went.  It was the warmest day we have had with clear sunny skies which meant there were whale sightings.

On the other side of Yaquina, photographers and birders were rooted by the Peregrine falcons, trying to get a view of the chicks. These are now about two weeks olds, but have been inconspicuous. But, these aren’t the only chicks on the site, everyone has started to hatch! The cormorants and the murres have too. This makes interpretation a lot easier and more exciting.  Every bird has its own story and it is so important to share it with the visitors that often overlook the birds.

Over and over I had visitors tell that I had the best job ever, that only re-assures me about the amazing job that I have.  I am exactly where I want to be, doing my part in protecting wildlife at a beautiful place.  I am so lucky  to have the opportunity that I do and to be able to share my knowledge with others.

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