It is one thing to work from the sidelines, and another to take action. For the last couple of weeks, Hugo and I have been watching the habits of the Black Oystercatchers. From breeding habits to the birds bobbing their heads to establish boundaries, we have seen it all.
Since we discovered eggs are being laid, we called our go-to guy Rick Hanks.


Rick and Hugo looking for Black Oystercatchers

Rick works for the BLM, and the California Coastal Monument. We met up with Rick to put up some signs, telling the public to watch their step. We were out at one of our sites, blocking off two areas where their are nests. It took a couple of hours, but we worked together putting the signs around the rocks.


Our sign to tell visitors this is a nesting area

This area is heavily used by tourists. I have seen tons of tour bosses stop at this site along the coast where people get off the bus to take pictures. It will be interesting to see if people keep off of the rocks.  I’m staying optimistic, since Rick has seen success with putting up the signs.


Me with the sign

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