Last week, Anjeica and I went back to Centennial High School to the present to high schoolers this time. They were a good bunch of kids to work with because they all listened and asked plenty of questions, which always makes presenting a joyful experience.  In order to be able to present to the students we had to work closly with the high school science teacher, Robert Quintana, also known as Anjelica’s dad. He was very helpful and patient with his students and was eager to help us with our outreach.

Althought doing activities with the elementary classes was fun, we decided to do more educational/informative presentation for the high school students about the BLM and the Blanca Wetlands. We discussed  what the BLM is, what and where Blanca Wetlands is, why we do  various surveys, the importance of shorebirds, and how to be more involved in the environmental sciences. Overall, it was great that the students showed some good enthusiasm and energy even though the school year is coming to an end.

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