The Oregon Coast Aquarium celebrated World Oceans Day with presentations, special speakers, animal feedings, and activities for the whole family. Special guests were invited to bring a series of different interactive tables with an emphasis on ocean awareness and protection. As part of Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, we brought activities regarding tide pools and birds of the Yaquina Head rocky shore.

The event was a success with 166 people interacting with our table! Hannah, a BLM apprentice, and I prepared a series of games for kids to enjoy as they learned about the different animals. One game was  “What’s for dinner?” in which kids learn about the beak adaptations of Black Oystercatcher, Bald Eagle, and a Brown Pelican. To accompany this game, we also had displays of skull replicas which were intriguing not only for the kids but also for the parents to examine.

We had a “Show & Tell” of tide pool critters. We also had a clue game called “Who’s in the Tide Pools?” in which kids must guess what tide pool critters is described before giving all five clues. In another display, we showed different adaptations plants and animals have depending on which tide pool zone they inhabit. Adults were very curious about the animals we brought like the skate’s egg case or how urchins look after their needles have fallen off.

It was a fantastic time! Hannah and I felt good about the activities and we enjoyed engaging with the participants. Most people were tourists that had not been to Yaquina Head yet. We gave out many flyers so that these folks will come out and visit us. I hope they take advantage of the amazing wildlife and explore the tide pools at Yaquina Head someday.

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