June 8th was World Ocean Day! Since we live along the coastline of Monterey Bay, it was most appropriate to celebrate it with lots of events. One event that I tabled for the day was the Beneath The Waves film festival at the Sanctuary Exploration Center in Santa Cruz.

The Exploration Center is across the street from the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk, so there was a lot of foot traffic. There was music, booths with activities, and mini films that the public could watch for free.

The game we brought to our booth was really fun. It was a matching game that was in both English and Spanish. You had to match the food and habitat to each animal picture. I found out the hard way that it is best to practice translating everything in Spanish prior to doing the activity.  I didn’t know how to fully describe the game in Spanish,  this is something I still need to work on. It’s tricky for me, translating some English terms into Spanish was tough. But I was glad that we had Latino families at the event and the Spanish speakers appreciated my efforts to play the game in their language.

Tabling for Elkhorn Slough was great! I learned ways to engage the public and how motivate people to visit the Slough. I enjoyed tabling at this event and I hope to host another educational activity there again before my internship comes to an end.


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