This weekend I decided to visit a place I had never been before: Great Falls National Park. Only 40 minutes driving from  DC, this surprisingly beautiful and historically rich site is home to the Great Falls of the Potomac River and ruins of the Potowmack  Canal, first canal in the United States that used locks to raise and lower boats.

The park is very popular for its hiking trails, fishing, rock climbing, kayaking and nature watching. In fact, the first thing I noticed when I arrived was a Great Blue Heron flying by. Great Blue Heron are commonly seen in the park fishing. Check out this youtube video of a Great Blue Heron caching a fish in Great Falls:

It is great to know that places like this are being protected from urbanization and other environmental threats. This ecological wonders are home for many creatures like the Great Blue Heron and provide us with many priceless ecosystem services, one of which is recreation. Our duty as environmental stewards is to enjoy this sites while preserving its value for other people, species and future generations.

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