Hugo and I had a really positive surprise at the Elkhorn Slough. One of the goals for our internship is to get trained as nature guides and create Spanish language nature walks, something that the Slough has never had before. During one of our training sessions our supervisor allowed us to lead a group. This was an excellent way to practice!

The group we led consisted of three couples. One couple had been to the Slough many times and the other  two couples had never been there before.  The South Marsh trail is a 2.2 mile walk and our guests were willing to walk the whole loop. We made a couple of stops, looking at both birds and plants along the trail. Halfway through the walk, we took a detour to look at some rays swimming. The walk lasted a little more than two hours, so we lead the tour in the allotted time frame. The group we lead did not know that this was our first tour and they complimented us on the great job we did.  We definitely have to brush up on our facts but otherwise our tag-team of a tour is going to be fun.

Our Spanish led tours will be a great way to get more Latinos to come visit the Slough. Hugo and I will be leading two tours on Saturdays for the month of July and August. It is really exciting because we really want people to come out and see the Slough without having a language barrier. We will be working on promoting our tours to the local community. Hopefully we get a great turnout!

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