Macros have been all of what Anjelica and I have done this last week and the start of this week they never seem to end until now. We just have a little clean up to do and the whole mess is done! Until August at least. We will be mailing out the samples and moving on to outreach and shorebirds.

Though this last week was interesting, Anjelica and I were roasting out in the field, bit up by bugs and rained on all week. The best part is one day was nice enough to actually walk the ponds without our boots. Yes, we barfooted it though a survey and it was awesome and fun made the day go by quicker with all the laughs and mud that was everywhere! Then the rain came and dropped the temperature about 10 degrees, which Anjelica was freezing and had goose bumps but I was still roasting to death. The only down side to going barefoot in the ponds was the red ant that bit my foot, that hurt a lot. The up side, my feet have never been so soft in my entire life. The week was busy and good with the 4th of July thrown in the mix.

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