One of our goals for this internship has been to provide Spanish tours at Elkhorn Slough Reserve.  After taking the naturalist training course, shadowing other guides, and volunteering with different project for ESNERR we have finally reached our opportunity to do so. We are scheduled to do Spanish tours every Saturday for the month of July and August at 11:00am. The month of July is only going to have little advertising but the month of August is going to have a lot more.

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to take a family of seven (parents, 3 kids, and grandparents) out to the trails. They were not aware of my Spanish tour, they happened to be at the right place at the right time. They were Spanish speakers but preferred English, but occasionally had small conversations with their kids and grandparents in Spanish. I was more than happy to take them out to the trails because they were locals who had never been to the reserve. They were very impressed when they saw the visitor center and were really eager to go down to the main channel of the slough.

From our conversation and from what I could interpret from their expressions, they were having a very good time. The young boy in particular was very excited to see the different things that I was showing them throughout the tour. One of the things he wanted to see was a Peregrine Falcon because he saw one on one of his favorite cartoons. Many times the boy repeated “this is cool” and hearing those words made me try extra hard to make sure the kids and the family had a good time. The overall excitement and curiosity that was seen on the whole family is what I hope to bring to the community. Many Spanish speaking people live, work, and pass by Elkhorn Slough Reserve but don’t stop by. Hopefully after some advertising and friend’s passing on information to friends we can bring people out to the trails and enjoy what belongs to the public.

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