For the past two years the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds has hosted the yearly Youth Outdoor Day event where agencies and local programs outreach to the community. This year Stephanie and I assisted Elkhorn Slough Reserve with their educational booth. We thought it was going to be a great opportunity to interact with lots of Latino families since the community surrounding the fairgrounds is predominantly Hispanic.  The previous years had over 1,500 participants and it was very diverse.  Unfortunately the demographics of Watsonville did not match the people attending the event. We do not know why there were not many Latino families participating, perhaps one reason is that is was not  broadly advertised. Weeks before the day of the event I remember looking throughout different websites and online newspapers for events and I do not recall finding an announcement for this event.  Nevertheless, the event did have a large turnout!

Our booth’s activity was a mystery box,  kids inserted their hand through a hole that was placed in the front of a box. Inside the box we placed items and toy replicas of Elkhorn Slough wildlife.  The challenge was for kids to try to figure out what they were handling without seeing it.  All the youth that came to our booth enjoyed the activity and were surprised to experience the difficulty of trying to identify something without using all senses- only touch. Overall, everyone who attended our table had a good time. Hopefully next year more Latino families will attend because the event is very informative and offers lots of family fun.

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