Wow, I cannot believe that it is time to go back to school already. It seems like the internship/ summer just started. Although I would get dizzy counting all the spinning phalaropes, the days were hot, and the bugs were crazy -I am really going to miss being out on the Blanca Wetlands all day. It is always a difficult time in the La Jara, CO field office when all of the seasonals and interns leave. I am really going to miss my supervisors Jill and Sue. They are always a lot of fun to be around and are always willing to answer all of my questions. They have taught me so much over the last two years that I can never thank them enough.

I remember flying to Monterey, CA in February like it was yesterday. I was totally terrified because it was my first time flying and my first time going on any sort of trip without my family! I come from an extremely strict family and I was hardly ever able to stay the night anywhere but home, so the thought of living with people I have only spoke to over the phone was scary. Even though the trip to Monterey was during a school week and I had to miss school, I had no idea what to expect from the trip.  I was not exactly sure what we would be doing in Monterey, CA but I was optimistic about the situation. I went on the training expecting nothing from anyone but myself. I was determined not to let my fear get the best of me and to learn as much as possible from all the amazing people we would be working with.

Needless to say this internship changed my life. Not only did I learn that I had a passion for birding, but it taught me to believe in myself and my abilities. I learned that I can and will accomplish any goal I set my mind to. I just have to be optimistic, determined, and self motivated. I may not be ready for the summer to end and for school to start but as always I am trying to be optimistic. I am extremely grateful for all of the opportunities I was given this summer and I cannot wait to see what next summer brings.

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