I interviewed my supervisor Sue Miller about how and why she got into the field of natural resource management. Early on in life she was drawn to wildlife and the outdoors because of family camping and fishing trips. She went to school in a big city where most people would not think of working with wildlife or the environment, seeing as how it would take you away from the city. However, she took a job at the Morton Arboretum outside of Chicago where she spent time working and hanging out in her outdoor refuge within the city.

I asked her about why participating in the Celebrate Shorebirds was important to her. She likes that it involves youth outreach and gives Latinos an opportunity to get involved in a valuable internship experience. Communities of southern Colorado near the Blanca Wetlands are primarily Hispanic/Latino, so this program offered a chance to get local communities involved in conservation and exposed many people to these types of careers. The Blanca Wetlands is an important area for shorebirds and this program gathered vital information on shorebird numbers and monitored their food sources. The surveys that we conducted provided a whole data set for shorebirds they did not have previously.

Sue hopes that this program will inspire more youth to follow their dreams no matter the odds.

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Sergio, Anjelica, and Sue


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