Nature walk at Elkhorn Slough Reserve with couple from Puerto Rico

Previous English nature walk

Previous English nature walk

This past weekend at Elkhorn Slough Reserve we had our first visitors show up for the Spanish nature walk. The word for the tours in Spanish is slowly working their way to the Latino community. We have been trying to reach people via Internet, flyers, and through the people we have collaborated with sharing the message. We also have radio and newspaper advertising provided by California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The two individuals who showed up for the Spanish nature walk found out about the tours though the website. The couple that showed up was from Puerto Rico and was in the Monterey County for a few days. They both spoke very good English but the wife, native Puerto Rican, prefers Spanish. For this hike we went on the South Marsh Loop trail, but prior to the tour they had gone on Five Fingers Loop Trail by themselves because they wanted to explore and take as many wildlife photos. They were very excited and friendly, it didn’t t take long before we were talking like if we knew each other. I had a very good time pointing out plants, birds, animals, and telling them the history of the reserve. At the same time, I had a great time learning the names of some plants and animals in Spanish that I was having trouble with. They were both very outdoors oriented, so I wasn’t surprised to have them on my tour.

My goal is to have all types of visitors, nature lovers and those that are new to the outdoors. Every county has some great nature places that locals can visit and we want to encourage those that live close to Elkhorn Slough Reserve to visit and have a chance to experience what every nature lover experiences.

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