A few weeks ago Anjelica and I spent the whole week out on Blanca working with the Southwest Conservation Corps military veterans crew showing them what we do and switching up the flow of what they do. When we got out there we were introduced to the crew and we all got a little info on each other and what it is we do. They were split into groups, a few went with Anjelica to do bird surveys and a few went with me to tackle some macros. These guys where pretty enthused in what we where doing and had tons of questions for us which made the day fun and go by quickly. They got stuck in the mud and found out what kinds of birds we had at the Wetlands. I think we may have even influenced some of them to continue college with a possible careers in wildlife biology.

The best part was when we got the call from our duck buddy’s to go identify the sex, age and band some ducks. We packed everyone into the cars and went out to a pond on Blanca. There, they had about 4 or 5 ducks for us to work with including three Cinnamon Tills and two Mallards. Once every one got a turn to work with the ducks they were released back onto the pond. It was an awesome sight and I hope we get to do aging before the season is over with.


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