Since the beginning of this internship one of our goals was to bring Latino families out to Elkhorn Slough Reserve to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. After lots of training and hands on experience with at slough we have finally reached that goal. This month of August we will be having our first Spanish tours every Saturday at 11 a.m.

For this event we have created an advertisement with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to be distributed to several medias such as newspapers, radio stations, and television. Besides the advertisements that CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife is putting out for us, we have also created a different flyer both in English and Spanish to be distributed throughout the different near by towns. We decided to post flyers at locations where Latino individuals visit frequently such as super markets, certified farmer markets, libraries, and local Hispanic shops. We have also forwarded flyers to the different individuals that we have collaborated with during our internship. We figured that interacting with individuals face to face at farmer markets might attract a few individuals to join our nature walks. We had some good interactions with individuals and some were interested in the idea of taking their families out for a walk to the slough. We also noticed that the overall population we interacted with mostly none knows about Elkhorn Slough Reserve.

Due to the late distribution of flyers, the first few weeks of our Spanish tours will have limited individuals showing up. We have five Spanish tours available for the month of August, hopefully the longer we have the flyers out at different locations and with different individuals sharing the message we can have a good turnout on the remaining dates. One of the things that I am starting to realize is the attracting a specific group of individuals to an event is harder that what it looks like. This is definitely giving helping me with Dos and Don’ts when it comes down to attracting individuals to an event.

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