This is my second year as an Intern at the Bureau of Land Management in the La Jara, Colorado field office. I have worked for Jill Lucero and Sue Swift-Miller at the Blanca Wetlands both of the years I have interned. Needless to say I definitely look up to and have a great deal of respect for both of my supervisors. They have been amazing mentors and I am extremely greatful that I have had the opportunity to work with them. Because Portland and I have two supervisors we have decided to write about one each rather than both of us writing about both of our supervisors.
For this blog we were asked to interview our supervisors and ask them to answer the questions that were given to us. I interviewed Jill Lucero for this blog, and it went like this:

Jill, how did you become interested in natural resources?

” I felt the calling at a very young age to be involved in our natural resources. As a child I loved being outdoors, fishing, and being on the lake. While in college I got a job wiht the forest service in Washington and I really enjoyed it.”

Why did you want to be part of Celebrate Shorebirds Project?

“I wanted to be part of Celelebrate Shorbird Project because I loved the idea of combining biology, education and the ability to reach our ro a mulrtcultural community.”

What is the value of this internship?

“I learn while you learn, forming a connection with the interns has made me more understanding, empathetic, and effective in our latino community.”

How has this internship helped the Bureau of Land Management reach Latinos? Reach shorebirds? Run programs?

“This internship has helped us reach the local community because we are sending local youth out into the community, rather than non-native employees out to integrate with the community. The interns are already connected.
Biologically- In this year of declining government budgets and sequestrations, the interns data are likely the only data we collect. The data collected are essential during this year of extreme drought.
Shorebirds- We use adaptive management on the Blanca Wetlands, so we are fortunate to have flexibility in our management techniques that allow us to respond to ever changing environmental conditions and survey results. The interns data has allowed us to adapt our management to create habitat for species they are documenting.
Programs- I don’t have time in my position to run programs and definitely not enough time to develop a program concentrating on Latinos. These programs would not have existed without interns.


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