Last week Anjelica and I went to Red Lake, Colorado to conduct a Big Horn Sheep survey. In order to find sheep you need to be where they are before sunrise. So we left the office at 3 am and drove to the trailhead. On the the way there we were mentally preparing for a 8 mile hike in the dark. On our way up the trail we found small ponds of stagnant water from the snow melt that looked like something out of a book. It was beautiful and awe inspiring!
After finding these ponds, we looked up and BAM- 20 yards in front of us was a huge black bear with beautiful thick black fur and a tan muzzle. Luckily he was more afraid of us than we where of him. He ran off into the woods stopping at the tree line to take one last look at us.

Another highlight was coming across a lake right when the sun began to rise. It was spectacular. Shortly after that we spotted a 6×6 bull elk looking at us. He did not waste any time hauling tail out of that area. Anjelica and I where smiling so big are faces hurt. We made it to our surveying destination and observed the area for hours. Sadly we did not find a single sheep. We gave it our best effort though.

The whole experience was really interested and quite an adventure. I had my best lunch this summer at a pond hidden in the tress. It was sad to leave these beautiful mountains at the end of the day. After the hike down the mountain it was nice to be back home where I could rest and recoup from the this adventurous day.

pond 1 pond 2

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