So last week, out on the Wetlands the SCC came out to help us once again, this time with macro surveys. Let me tell you what, those kids did a good job they didn’t complain or get sad at the bugs they just hopped in the mud and got after it! It was an enjoyable experience to be able to teach them and let them know why we do what we do and how it helps the shorebirds. For two days we have the SCC kids out there and each day was a new experience. They had lots of energy to put to work and with their help we got a few ponds done and were able to make some time.  Anjelica and I usually by ourselves so we take a little longer to get it done, but I guess that’s where the saying “many hands make light work” comes into play. With kids falling in the mud and smiles and laughter all day, I wish we could get them out there more often. Then they could see more of what we do and the importance of it, so that it might get more results for future of youth in natural resource careers.

I wish that I was able to get some pictures of these hard-working kiddos and show you how happy they are, but when you work in a pond electronics are the last thing you want to take with you. There was also a lot of rain this last week and we barely beat the storms thanks to all their hard work and efforts.

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