This past weekend I was able to attend and participate in the Americas Latino Festival which is the first environmental, Latino themed festival in the United States.  Not only was the festival a source of education to learn about sustainable projects/Latino involvement through presentations, discussion forums, and movies but also it was a celebration of Latino culture with beautiful performances of music and dance.  I provided the link to the website below where you can learn more information about this festival and why there is an urgency to have more diverse groups, like Latinos, involved in a sustainable future.

Americas Latino Festival

Environment for the Americas participated with an educational activity/display for children and adults on migratory birds.  A large part of my internship is learning more about environmental education and effective methods of teaching to all ages.  So, being able to participate in this festival and get some more experience with working with kids was great.  We had many of our IMBD posters on display in both English and Spanish with information how on how to help conserve birds and information on the amazing journeys migratory birds undergo.   We have tiles 1-24 (each in Spanish and English) that show a challenge a bird has to overcome (i.e. getting caught by a cat, flying into a glass window, and finding a bird feeder).  Here is an example:

You arrive at a large lake, where there is plenty of clean water, food, and shelter.  Rub your stomach 15 times and move ahead 5 stations.

Llegas a un lago grande donde hay abundante agua limpia, alimento y albergue.  Frota tu estómago 15 veces y avanza 5 estaciones.

Our EFTA webpage ( has this game, along with many other free educational downloads available at:

if you/you know anyone who may be interested in leading this game with a group of kids!  Also, our facebook page has an entire album with pictures from our day at Americas Latino Festival!  The kids had a lot of fun playing the game, and at  the end before they received their prize they had to tell us some of the information they learned about the tough time migratory birds have.  I look forward to being able to participate in this festival next year!

IMBD posters on display

IMBD posters on display.

Playing our bird migration challenge game!

Playing our bird migration challenge game!

Our friend Diego showing off his America Latinos shirt:)

Our friend Diego showing off his Americas Latino shirt:)

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