With the new year underway, Environment for the Americas has been busy with the hiring process of all the new interns for our field sites in Colorado, California, Oregon, and Alaska.  We have a great team of interns this year and each intern’s bio is under their respective field-site tab here on our blog, get to know our team!  Our intern team has a wide array of unique interests, skills, and future goals.  Their majors span from Global Affairs to Chemistry to Agricultural Business and aspirations from being an environmental educator to working within governmental agencies.

In order for the field-site interns to be ready to start their internships, they must first attend our week-long shorebird training where they will learn about effective methods of environmental education outreach and shorebird identification and knowledge.  The shorebird training takes place a month from now in San Diego, CA and we EFTA office staff have been preparing for the extensive training program to ensure all EFTA interns leave the training confident to ID shorebirds on their own and leading workshops to teach others about shorebirds.  It has been quite the task for myself and my supervisors to ensure all the details from lodging, training, and food are prepped for a smooth training.

Even though I will not be doing field research as part of my internship, I am really looking forward to participating in this shorebird program!  As a biology student, I have always had an innate desire to learn about the natural world because it is not only fascinating to me, but necessary, to learn about the environment around us.  My undergraduate degree with Biology prepared me for more of a focus on academics/research rather than promoting educational outreach, so I am really looking forward to learning more about effective ways to teach about the environment.  The knowledge I will gain from this training will only benefit in my own environmental education outreach efforts that I will be embarking on in the Front Range area during the spring and summer months (stay tuned for updates on this!).

In the meantime, my time will be occupied ensuring all details for the training are in place along with beginning the preparations for the annual Walk in the Wild IMBD event hosted here in Boulder, CO.  I can’t wait to meet all interns in San Diego a month from now!

 In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we are taught-Babe Dioum

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