I was initially really nervous about how cold it would be here in Alaska, but I have been surprised how fast I have been adjusting to the weather change.  Since I arrived to Cordova, Alaska two weeks ago, I have witnessed snow storms, wind storms, and sunny days too!  I have never lived in an environment like Alaska, but I have realized that I LOVE SNOW, and small town Cordova! 

The past few days working with the USDA Forest Service have been intense!  My days consisted of completing online training courses (getting certified to drive a federal vehicle, traveling on planes and air boats, and being prepared for the outdoors) and helping my supervisor Melissa, a wildlife biologist, organize for the field season.  As I complete my training requirements and help prepare, my excitement grows for the months to come!

I have also been busy working on preparing and promoting our annual Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival that will take place May 8-11, 2014!  The Copper River Delta is the LARGEST contiguous wetland on the Pacific coast in North America.  As a key coastal wetland and critical habitat in Alaska, it is visited by up to 5-million shorebirds that stop to rest and feed during their annual spring migration!  I invite you all to visit, or add this festival to your bucket list!

Here are some fliers I made for the Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival:

Copper River Delta

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keynote speaker

Our keynote speaker, internationally acclaimed wildlife artist Lars Jonsson!  He will also be hosting a field painting workshop during the Festival!

CALLING ALL ARTISTSDuring the Festival, shorebird and wildlife art is featured in the Festival’s brochure, I am inspired to create something to submit after visiting the Copper River Delta! 🙂

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