What a week!!  Yesterday concluded our week-long, intensive shorebird internship training and it was a blast.  A very tiring, jammed-pack, knowledgeable blast.  The week began for my two supervisors, Natasha and Sue, and me the Sunday before training (Feb 23).  Before all the other interns arrived, we had two full days of errands to prepare with grocery runs and driving to each location around San Diego to know where they were all located.  The interns arrived Tuesday Feb 25th and the rest of the week was packed of learning about shorebirds, how to properly ID shorebirds, properly conducting shorebird surveys, and discussions on increasing diversity within natural resource careers.  After this week, I feel rejuvenated and driven to continue with my desire to pursue a career in natural resources and I look forward to completing this internship successfully!

This was my first experience learning about shorebirds and it is amazing how much you can learn in just one week.  We all went from barely knowing the shorebird names to quickly identifying a shorebird from a distance just based on it’s silhouette/behavior!

Highlights of shorebird bootcamp:

-Learning how to ID common shorebirds!! (My favorite is the American Avocet)

-Living in gorgeous San Diego for a week and seeing: Torrey Pines State Beach, Cabrillo National Monument, Chula Vista National Wildlife Refuge, and Imperial Beach/Tijuana Estuary

-Winand Hess: one of our shorebird ID instructors who made learning ID easy and fun

-Falling into a tide-pool during a shorebird survey

-Hostelling in the heart of downtown San Diego in the Gaslamp Quarter

-Getting to know all my amazing fellow interns

-Bonding with all my fellow interns over: daily shorebird ID workshops, misidentifying birds, correctly identifying birds, shorebird charades, jeopardy, karaoke, and  our time spent at the beach/hiking

-Meeting all the great supervisors from UWFWS, BLM, NFWF, FWS.  We received GREAT advice on pursuing a natural resource career and I feel a lot more confident in continuing on in this path
Fun at Torrey Pines State Beach park!

Fun at Torrey Pines State Beach park!


DSCN1477A gorgeous day at Cabrillo National Monument surveying shorebirds

A gorgeous day at Cabrillo National Monument surveying shorebirds


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