Shorebirds are us

It has been a little over a week since the training in San Diego and I am really proud of how much I have learned. So much of what I have done has been completely new to me like learning to identify birds. It was also really exciting to meet all the other interns because they share similar interests as I do. As a group we had a chance to interact and get to know each other really well in our week-long training in beautiful San Diego.  We had a chance to visit new places that most of us had never been to. This created an amazing experience as we were able to see and learn new things as a group.  Now that I am back at my site in Elkhorn Slough I feel confident identifying different shorebird species.  At first it was not easy but now I am starting to feel like a professional birdwatcher. This is just the beginning. I am very exited about this great opportunity with Environment for the Americas and look forward to a great surveying season.


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