I never realized how much life grows into perfection or what seems to be perfection to me.  Happiness is what a perfect life consists of.  I am proud to say I am full of happiness, and this job just added on the extra weight of smiles.  The introduction week (aka week one) has consisted of a lot of names that I am sure I will never remember and will be asking again and again.  There have been multiple walks into spider webs as we have prepared ourselves for what is to come in terms of supplies needed, expectations, keys, passcodes, drivers tests and everything else it may take to help this season run smoothly.  I have come to the realization that my bosses (Jill and Sue) are the life of the building yet the busiest ones too.  I know 100% that the work environment is going to be miraculous, and everyone involved is more than willing to assist us.  Wednesday was the fun day.  It was the first day in the field with Lisa.  Even though there are not many shorebirds until April, it was still fun getting to know the territory we will be working in.  I learned that there are over 200 ponds at the Blanca Wetlands!  I am also proud to say the land is treacherous.  There are bumpy roads, mud, potholes, mud, steep climbs, mud, oh and did I mention the mud?  I foresee us getting stuck a few hundred times but, of course, I will not mind!  I am enjoying this adventure more and more with every day that passes.  My job is not a job to me but more so an enjoyable hobby. I LOVE IT!

Image Deer outside my front yard early Friday morning

Image   The Red-winged Blackbird on my Friday morning run

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