Brainstorming and Surveying

This week I have been brainstorming on activities I would like to do at an event coming up soon. We will be tabling and we would like to reach our audience by informing them about some of the difficulties that migratory birds encounter. I was thinking about having a type of maze and each road block in the maze can be one of the obstacles the birds may encounter. We can then talk to them about how the issue may be fixed or at least reduced as a problem. For example, the maze can have a road block at a picture of a window and we can inform them about the dangers of clear windows and that placing decals on them can help birds see the window better. I still have to research a bit more on other activities we can host at the table.

Surveying this week was a great experience. I invited two of my cousins to come out and assist me in the survey. Alexis Becerra, 9th grader, and Marc Becerra, 7th grader, said they had a great time helping me spot out the shorebirds. They had a very good eye for spotting them and helped me out a lot. Having them join me also gave me an idea of how it will be when I invite more people to survey with me. It was very fun and I am looking forward to having more volunteers in the future.

Marc Becerra (left) and Alexis Becerra (right) after the survey

Marc Becerra (left) and Alexis Becerra (right) after the survey

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