This week I have noticed a great reduction in the number of shorebirds at the survey site. It has been two surveys in a row that there have not been as many birds as I’m used to seeing. I am wondering if it is just a random event that there are fewer birds or if they are leaving the area. I am looking forward to the next few surveys to see if the pattern continues and I see very few shorebirds or if the numbers go back to what I am used to seeing.

Next week I will also participate in Least Tern monitoring training. It is scheduled for Saturday in the morning and I am currently looking for student volunteers. I have asked classmates and friends to see if they are interested in participating. It is a bit difficult to get some classmates to come to the Least Tern colony site because the school is a bit far but some have shown interest in participating. I am looking forward to learning about the Least Terns and having a lot of people participate.

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