This Saturday I had the opportunity to participate in an Earth Day event at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. I had a table set up with information regarding Snowy Plovers and about the migration patterns of some birds that use the Pacific Flyway. There were also handouts titled “Killed Your Lawn” which has information on turning your lawn into a native garden and the benefits it has to you and the birds. There was a good amount of people that visited and many kids looked very happy exploring the different booths. We were put in between two tables that had crafts for the kids. On one side, the table had the kids make birds with paper and string. On our other side, there was a table where they would make some stamps out of bottle caps and spongy cutouts of marine organisms. When visitors came to our table we had them play a migration game. We would explain the distance that the birds had to fly and the dangers they may encounter. We then explained ways they could reduce the dangers to birds, like putting decals on the windows or keeping pet cats indoors. We then had them choose a bird they would like to pretend to be and played the migration game. For the game we had them choose a card from a stack of about twenty-five three different times. Each card has a different scenario that the bird may encounter and we had the visitor act out the scenario to make it more interactive. People enjoyed the game a lot, even if their simulated migration didn’t turn out so well. Some cards have terrible things that can happen to birds, like getting eaten by a cat or getting shot down by a BB gun, but everyone accepted the fate of their bird with a smile. It was a great event and I was very happy to participate in it.

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