How are you celebrating Earth Day?  Millions of people around the country and world today are celebrating our planet by simply appreciating nature by going outside or recycling.  We here in the Environment for the Americas office (along with all the interns across the country), celebrate Earth Day by our continued efforts to increase bird conservation and awareness….International Migratory Bird Day is officially less than a month away (however, just like Earth Day, Bird Day can be celebrated every day)!

INMD Steel Drum Poster 18X24 R5INMD Steel Drum Poster 18X24 R5

I feel the 2014 International Migratory Bird Day theme of “Why Birds Matter” is very important to the overall idea of Earth Day: by appreciating and conserving birds, the environment is in turn conserved.  The featured species of International Migratory Bird Day 2014 highlight all the amazing and crucial roles that birds play in our world.  Can you imagine our world without birds!?  They are pollinators, scavengers, small mammal predators, seed dispersers, insect controllers, environmental indicators, and inspiration for the arts.

If you haven’t gotten to know the 2014 featured species, go to:

Click here for 20 ways to help conserve birds:

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children -Native American Proverb


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