It’s a little over our 4th week since we have been back from San Diego and I am finally feeling like a professional shorebird monitor.  I am really starting to notice the wider range of different species in our survey site.  Their numbers are becoming larger by the day, especially the Black-bellied Plover, which has become my favorite shorebird. Black-bellied Plovers are the largest plovers in North America  and its striking black belly its what makes this plover really stand out. All shorebirds should be at the peak of their migrating cycle by the 25th of April. Now, we are starting to see and count larger numbers of them. As far as everything else is going, I am really learning a lot.  My fellow intern partner, Karina, and I have plans to do some outreach this week for middle school students at El Sausal middle school in Salinas,CA and also at our local community college.



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