Monday was consumed with lots of DIRT! I drove our mud-filled vehicle down to La Jara and took 4 hours to clean it. I have never seen a vehicle packed with as much dirt as that one, but it was definitely fun and hard work. Deisy got to witness me manually wash the vehicle and coat myself in mud. Apparently Alamosa is still a little old fashion; we don’t have many people to clean our cars for us.

Little faces consumed our week. I had so much fun and all of the kids did as well. Tuesday we participated in Earth Day at Alamosa High School. We taught the students what difference they could make in the environment. Wednesday and Thursday Deisy and I headed down to Monte Vista to the Bill Mets Elementary library. Wednesday we had 2nd graders and we read the Lorax to them. Not only did we ask a lot of questions but they did too. Thursday was a bit different. We had classes of 1st graders; we read the book The Best Nest and played a game with them like we did for ELL night. We taught them the difference between amphibians, mammals, reptiles, and birds. I am pretty sure Deisy had fun laughing at them and their choices. They were in total awe that humans are mammals. I can honestly say Friday was by far the best outreach we have had yet. The opportunity presented itself for us to spend an entire afternoon with a 3rd grade class. We played numerous games that Deisy invented and also made owls and a life cycle of the American Avocet. They learned so much and were so engaged with everything. The best part was the realization that all the birds on the identification game they played are in Alamosa. I believe I was a little crazy for packing so much into one week but fortunately we were able to get through it and were able to make a difference for our future environmentalists.

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