Planning the Walk

Upon returning to Colorado from the internship training in San Diego, one of the things I was looking most forward to was the removal of the cast that had been on my arm for a month and to continue with my EFTA internship!  Well, I did get my cast off…only to find out that my bones improperly healed, I would need surgery, and a second casting.  So, I sit here typing with one hand (I’ve gotten pretty good at it!) and reflect on what I have been working on here in Boulder, CO.

My current task has been working on Boulder’s 4th Annual International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD): Walk in the Wild event.  The day is a family-fun, educational day where families can learn about the local wildlife (in particular, birds…of course) and help us in habitat restoration at Walden Ponds.  Part of the responsibility in planning our Walk in the Wild has been to ask local stores for donations in the form of food, drinks, or raffle items!  While filling out the form for one store, their question was, “Please tell us a little about why the organization is important to you and the community

I didn’t really hesitate with my response:

When was the last time you looked outside your window and enjoyed the beautiful nature and animals that are in your backyard?  So often, we think we need to travel far to see beauty while hiking or at a national park.  This event and organization are important to our local community, and me because it is dedicated to providing a fun day where families can come together to learn about local nature and wildlife that is found here in our backyard of Boulder!  Not only is this appreciation of nature invaluable, but the result of this day ending in funds raised to help restore habitat will forever help our beautiful backyard in Boulder at Walden Ponds.

Screenshot 2014-04-03 18.19.19 Screenshot 2014-04-03 18.19.50

Time is flying by and I’m off for more work involving this walk!

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